Why isn’t anyone else paying any attention?

Perhaps they are, but I simply don’t see any other headlines about this problem anywhere else but the NYT.


I’m not hugging a tree today, but rather some rock.  My novella, “Contained,” basically stemmed from the premise that an eco-disaster could be in the making.  The speculated bio-hazard has hydro-fracking at its core, basically a “what if” scenario.  Living in the Midwest with demilitarized missile silos and lingering thoughts of “The Day After” ICBM speculations from the 1980s still playing around in my mind makes me wonder these things.  Quite the conspiracy theorist, eh?

Of course, “Contained” also has a lot of fictional freakiness along the way.  Some of it is based on actual “sightings” while the rest is simply imagination.  Its root, though, was my fear of what could happen.  I don’t consider it paranoia, but rather a healthy concern.

Regardless, hydraulic fracturing remains staunchly in my consciousness.  I wish it had a more prominent place on the radar of governmental and individual minds.  The public should know the dangers of digging for supplemental energy sources and the potential for poisoning water tables.  Especially those whose health, livestock health, property, and perhaps livelihoods could be in jeopardy.

Sure, I hope for alternative fuels and lower gas prices.  Our own propane bill is NOT cheap.  I will now step down from my ecological soapbox (until another day).

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