It’s Groundhog Day!

In the generous spirit of Punxsutawney Phil, my novella Contained is going to be offered free on Amazon through Saturday, February 6.  It is available at Contained on amazon.  My marketing skills, or lack thereof, may not lead to a great number of downloads or follow-up sales.  But it can’t hurt to try!

There are so many people who resent the e-text availability of Kindle Direct Publishing in what I assume must be sour grapes toward the online giant Amazon.  Indie authors do give them the big cut and promise exclusivity, but I believe it is worth it for those newcomers to the electronic publishing world like me.

Thanks to another indie author, David Kazzie, who blogged about his experience with the five-day promotion through Amazon KDP Select, I thought I would experiment with it myself.  It was a simple process, and though I feel a bit guilty for people I know who paid for it before the promotion, I hope it will generate some extra exposure (and resulting downloads) of my introductory work.

The editing process of my newer novella, Tests of Will, is underway as well.  Its cover is almost complete, too, thanks to my wonderful friend Tiffany.  I hope to have it available very soon!

David Kazzie’s inspiring and informational blog post is at Kindle DP.  Thanks, dude!

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