Siblings — May 3, 2012

A weekly meme about (mostly) books and reading.

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This week’s question:

Heidi asks: Do you have siblings? Do they like to read?

All my siblings like to read.  My oldest sister, who taught me to read four decades ago, reads a lot of tear jerkers about animals.  She is, after all, a feral cat rescuer and cat care “expert.”  My middle sister is an elementary teacher and avid reader of anything, mainly biography/historical biography (& Reader’s Digest).  Then my younger brother is all about military history and practice, being in the military himself, and also the stars — as in Star Trek and Star Wars.

We span the genre spectrum but all love to read!  Prompting began early on in our lives.  My mother is a voracious consumer of formulaic romance schmaltz (unfortunately, but at least she’s reading), and my father used to read everything he could get in his grasp.  He went through books quicker than anyone I’ve ever known, reading our library books overnight if they were left in his sight.  The last gift I gave him before he died was a paperback copy of Hoffa, and the toothpick he used as a bookmark still indicates his last page.

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