A small triumph!

It takes so little to make me ecstatically happy in life.  I try to go by the motto, “There’s nothing more to happiness than having something to look forward to.”  Even with the sentence ending in a preposition, it’s a good mantra.  The saying has gotten me through some rough moments.

Yesterday’s mail delivery sent me into exhilaration mode, though.  I received my first royalty check from Amazon for my e-book/novella, Contained!  It’s not so much a nerd’s euphoria, but I’m very pleased with the wee little amount of money from sales so far.  Amazon KDP apparently pays out ever six months — as long as there are some sales.  Fortunately, I’ve had a few now.

She thought they were the only survivors.

It’s a humble beginning, and I hope there are future royalties.  Topping my wish list, though, are more ideas for stories to come.  Writing inspiration and many future works are definitely things to which I can certainly look forward!


  1. Congratulations! I’m excited for you and respect your self-publishing cojones! I just finished editing a YA Novel and the author is trying traditional publishing efforts, but will most likely self-publish in the fall if she doesn’t get any bites. So I love to hear about the process and how it’s worked for others. I need to get an e-reader and get your book!

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