Best Commenter Award

I am happy to accept this award bestowed upon me by Valentina at Peek-a-book.  It comes all the way from Italy!  Valentina regularly reviews books, so I get to read them in English AND Italian, very cool.  Thank you so much, Valentina! (*blush*)

The creators of this award hope it will catch on, and that everyone will display the badge proudly on their own blogs.

The Dodisharkicon, nature’s fiercest beast, does not issue approval lightly. By being offered this terrific honor, he is signifying that you are allowed to continue reading and commenting without fear of attack. Failure to pass on this award will result in the dodisharkicorn letting loose his terrible battle squawk/whinny to the tune of the Jaws theme song, and all that you love will turn to glitter.

Aren’t there always rules with these things? OF COURSE THERE ARE! The rules are the same as the rest of them, but we have better questions.

Accept Dodisharkicorn award and display it proudly in your widget sidebar.
Find your “Top Five Commenters” on your Stats page and present them with the award. If they really comment that frequently, you shouldn’t need to tag them because they’ll see it anyway. It’s just polite to link to their blog, though. Dur. We are ALL ABOUT politeness.

Answer the following questions and pass them on to your Top Five Commenters.
The Questions

What is your third favorite color?  My third favorite color is yellow, even though I’m using my absolute fave to type it.

Would you rather be: a Jedi, a Pokemon Master or a Wizard/Witch? Choose ONE.  I would much rather be a Jedi, simply to show my son there are also female Jedi (and Jedi Masters, of course)!
Who is your favorite Doctor?  It would have to be Dr. Gonzo, from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson.  I remember learning about a lot of drugs I had never heard of until I read that book in my 20s, even though I thought I was pretty savvy by then.  To be perfectly honest, I had to google “literary doctors” to come up with an answer.  lol

Can you whistle?  Heck, yeah!  I can “pucker up and blow” or rip your eardrums out with both pinky fingers behind my teeth.  People at ball games and concerts hate me.

Would you name your child Sirius Albus?  Once again, had to look it up online.  And, no.  Not an HP fan either.
What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?  It’s Diet Coke, lots of it, because it gets me through most any bad day.
Do you own a lawnmower?  We have 3.5 acres to mow, so we definitely own a riding lawnmower.
Do you think Legolas is a (very pretty) pansy?  I think elves and Orlando Bloom are cool, and I don’t like the word pansy … so no.  (But I had to look it up again.) 
What’s the trashiest thing you’ve read in the last year?  Trashy in this context was described to be something I’d wish someone else to read because I don’t want to do so for myself.  Let’s just say that perhaps contrary to popular opinion, I wish I had never bothered suffering through Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.  The main character drove me nuts, but I’m OCD about finishing a book once I start.  I was sorry I did.

…And to these top 5 commenters (thank you, ladies), I pass along the award:

She Loves Reading at The Reading and Life of a Bookworm.  

Cat at Wild Night In.

Meg at Love, Literature, Art & Reason.

Syn at Synthesist Chronicles.

 Kwiz Giver at What if this is as good as it gets.  


  1. Congrats on the award. I appreciate you honoring me, too. I realized after some searching that blogger doesn’t keep track of top commentators, so it might be some time before I pass my award along to 5 more since I have to pick out the top 5 by hand. None of the widgets for top commentators seem to be working for me!!

  2. Thank you for the award! What a treat! 🙂 I’m in the same boat as Megan, it might take me awhile to tag others but I’ll display the award!

  3. Congratulations and thank you! It was very kind of you to mention me, and I love the nickname! It’s perfect. 🙂

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