And the winner is …

Not me. Insert sad face emoticon. The month of November 2012 was not my NaNoWriMo “win” year.  My National Novel Writing Month effort was not all for nothing, though, because I got much further along in the 30-day long writing stint than last year.  The 2012 work in progress was at 38,371 words at the end of the month.

While it may sit at that number total indefinitely, I am committed to finishing it. The NaNoWriMo exercise is a great way to get those creative juices flowing and make yourself work at a project no matter how much else you have going in your life at the time. Anyone who works full-time at a different job and has any semblance of a life while they try to write on the side knows exactly what I mean. We’re all treading our mental road to hell we’ve paved with good intentions.2012 wife

I’d hoped to make it to 50,000 for the first time, now I’ve committed to finishing and editing this work, and after promising to go easy on myself while writing this post, there’s still a chastising voice in the back of my mind.  It resounds with, “But you said you would …” and “Now I plan to …”  Fill in the blanks.


There’s no need to listen to outside critics much when the one permanently stationed inside my brain is loud enough on its own.  That inner-monologue pushes me onward despite its jabs at my self-confidence.  But I’ve powered down the tablet for the time being, and I hope to silence the nagging little mental monster  for a bit.  No matter what I will keep writing.

I want to finish my NaNo ’12 work-in-progress and see it to fruition.  There’s great value in the NaNoWriMo effort, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t done it in the past to step up to your own personal challenge.  Keep it up, indie writers, your resolve to plod along is not in vain.  Good luck to us all in reaching our goals!


  1. You are tremendous & an inspiration Katy! Bravo to you — now have a glass & celebrate the accomplishment…doesn’t matter how large or small… it is still progress. xoxoxoxo Lanea

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