Camp NaNoWriMo win!

It’s my first time to succeed at the crunch-time writing known as “NaNoWriMo.”  The regular NaNoWriMo exercise occurs in November, National Novel Writing Month, when writers force themselves to produce around 1600 words per day to complete a novel in one month’s time.  The stipulations are looser for “Camp,” which happens in April and July each year, with each person setting an individual goal.  Image

I am exhilarated to boast about surpassing my personal attempt at 30,000 words (+671) for the win!  Our randomly-assigned cabin is not likely to succeed as a group with the deadline looming tomorrow, but we can all celebrate our joint effort at the closing cyber (albeit imaginary) campfire.

The Office of Letters and Light is a nonprofit organization that runs the novel-in-a-month practice and supports a Young Writers Program.  Sponsorship contributions and participant donations fund this wonderful effort.  Congratulations to anyone else who also accomplished a writing goal this month!

So look for my forthcoming novel, Her Own Way, about two young women who spend their first summer of independence in a unique lake community where they learn excitement can also lead to danger.


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