Flying – a love story

I’d been there dozens of times within a pensive and longing crowd of kindred souls, but a cloudy memory blends it all together.  We waited in gleeful expectation — a blissful mob.

My senses took over and made my skin involuntarily ripple as she launched from the stage, and my brain willed itself to freeze the next two hours for clearer future recall. With fierce admiration, I swiped at a tear during the piano solo and internally vowed to carry the moment away with me. We left with spirits renewed in a universal sisterhood, our ears ringing and hearts temporarily lightened.


That is the truth about love.

*writing prompts tear & ripple from Studio30Plus


    • I generally don’t like fighting the throngs of people any more, but this show was worth it … more of an experience actually. So I’m good for another ten years or so. lol

  1. This was cool. At first I thought it was the Cirque du Soleil, then I realized there are no piano solos in the Cirque. Then I thought it was Lady Gaga (because your words expressed how I feel about her.) Now all I know is that I really don’t know celebrities’ faces. Unless their names are George Clooney, or Brad Pitt…

    • P!nk’s show was very much what I imagine a Cirque du Soleil performance must be. Usually I’m so distracted at concerts – worrying about drunken idiots, wondering where the bathroom is, people watching, being crowded. Her show was, instead, enrapturing.

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