The Mission

A large group of people assemble in a meeting hall for a long-overdue gathering. Through forces unknown and inexplicable, I am granted the supernatural power of omniscient feminist influence by which to reach closed-minded naysayers and misogynists throughout the world, win them over with magical eloquence, and change their previously mislead ways of thinking.

(greeting via loudspeaker)

The mentoring program will commence in just a few minutes. Today’s plan of action is to overwhelming implant knowledge and understanding of feminism, heretofore considered by some a “dirty word,” to the doubtful and mainly conservative minority. While we’ll be here for two hours, there is much ground to be covered. All negative stereotypes will be overcome, and an all-encompassing compassion for humanist issues will be accomplished here forward.

Our mission:

We will convince otherwise misguided people of the innate equality of females.

Points of discussion:

1) Feminism is about equality and autonomy. Women should be valued as highly for their efforts and abilities and have ultimate control over their own bodies.

2) Female sexuality is okay, just like it is for males. Humans are sexual beings who deserve pleasure without being slut-shamed.

3) Our bodies all differ, and that doesn’t mean one is any better than another.

4) We are individual people, not simply objects meant for men’s pleasure.

5) Women should support other women. Everyone needs a little help now and then, and who better to give it than other sisters, mothers, friends, and colleagues?

6) Equal pay for equal work. It’s that simple.

7) That is all.

A few special guests in attendance are:

Sophie Hasty, the 13-year old Hasting Middle School activist who rebelled against the Evansville, IL administration’s initiating a dress code against girls wearing leggings, as they felt doing so “distracted the boys.”

Olive Bowers, another 13-year old who challenged a surfer magazine for misrepresentation of females only through bikini shots and no sports coverage.

Andie Fox of blue milk, a smart feminist writer/blogger who approaches parenting, gender equality/stereotypes, pop culture, politics, and many other things about which she is very savvy.

Jessica Valenti, an intelligent feminist author, speaker and columnist for The Guardian US and formerly The Nation, who tackles tough issues like abortion and rape culture. She’s pretty damn funny, to boot.

  valenti tweet.JPG

Zooey Deschanel who, even through her sweetheart persona, is trying harder than most young American actresses to counter the common notions of perfection via her media presence and collaborative Hello Giggles website.


Jennifer Lawrence, another American actress, who is a vocal advocate of positive body image. She is invited because I trust the public image of her being a down-to-earth awesome role model. Simply stated, she must be awesome.


And the keynote speaker will be:

The irrepressible bell hooks, feminist scholar and author of Ain’t I A Woman: Black Women and Feminism, Outlaw Culture and Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics, among others, who will further elucidate those who need to know, as well as we who already know, about the “white supremist capitalist patriarchy.”

via goodreads
via goodreads


Through my cosmically granted and omniscient feminist influence, everyone reached through my superpower of mental telepathy realizes what feminists have known since the beginning of time – all women and men deserve to be treated equally.

*The above-listed Indie Chick Lit scenario and love Studio 30+ writing prompt both instigated this post.   I’d love to know who you think should be on the invitation list. Please comment!


  1. Dropping by from Studio30.

    “supernatural power of omniscient feminist influence by which to reach closed-minded naysayers and misogynists throughout the world”

    You know, I never considered something like that as a possible super power… I like it. 🙂

    As for who else to put on the invite list, I think I’d have to say, Melissa Harris-Perry.

    • Glad you visited! I first considered some ass-kicking skills like Beatrix Kiddo from the Kill Bill movies but then thought I should use my power for good.

  2. I would also invited Melissa McCarthy. Funny, smart, beautiful, kick-butt chick who does so much to empower women, of all sizes, to be proud of who they are.

  3. What a great way to utilize the writing prompt! I really enjoyed this. bell hooks and Jennifer Lawrence, in particular, I agree with!

    • I would just like to be able to wrangle the budget it would take to make this happen – that in itself would be a superpower undertaking!
      Thanks for reading, Jewels. I am loving the prompts so much!

  4. Me! Pick me! I want to be invited because my mom was my ultimate she-role model. Also, and I’m not just sticking my tongue up their asses, but every single chick who works at The Indie Chick, AND every single badass motherfu(k!ng roller derby playing chick out there. That’s who.

    But – you my dear – would be keynote speaker of course. Wishing it is halfway making it happen.

    • Oh and ps. I’m glad you linked this with both S30P and the IndieChicks… the loves of my heart for online community of goodness!

    • I have designated myself Mistress of Ceremonies and “Vulcan mind melder” for the event, but thank you for the vote of confidence, Marie! The Indie Chicks are definitely on the invite list and bring your Derby Dolls all with you. Now if we can just get it on the calendar …

  5. LOVE THIS. Anyone who uses their superpowers to educate on feminism is a hero in my book for sure. I’d say The Indie Chicks should definitely get an invite!

    • The Indie Chick “powers that be” are definitely invited, as well as all the online Indie Chicks.
      I only wish I’ve taken a more creative slant with the piece, but the meeting agenda seemed fitting in this case. Thanks for reading, Chrystal!

  6. So this is a Studio30+ and Indie Chick Lit writing prompt 😀 For a second I thought I was reading the wrong post. This is by far my favourite one! I love this concept 🙂

    • Wow – thank you! The Studio30+ prompt was love/sex, which fell right along with a major point to discuss. Women get slut-shamed and pigeon-holed into an angel/whore dichotomy, and it’s totally not fair!
      I’m glad you stopped by. Do so again soon!

  7. This is freakin’ awesome! How is it our paths haven’t crossed before. I’ll be correcting that in the future, Katy. Gloria Steinham just turn 80 and she still rocks. I remember buying my first issue of Ms. Magazine. It’s great to see the young guard coming up and taking the flag. And from the sublime to the ridiculous, I wrote about a handbag. 😉

    • So glad to have you stop by the blog. I look forward to interacting with another like-minded person online in the future!
      In my imaginary budget, I figured Ms. Steinem was too pricey for my supernatural conference, but I don’t know how I thought we’d afford ms. hooks either. Rationality in my irrational imaginings, go figure! But I thought the young women should definitely be there, although I forgot Malala Yousafzai. What a docket!

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