Titles available

Contained is an engaging novella of a young mother’s quest for safety after a mysterious apocalyptic event. Did nature or chemistry determine who survived? It’s up to you to decide.

A few review excerpts:

“… pithy, powerful, and poignant … We are beguiled with mysteries; enigmas; hints; and portents.”  Amazon customer counsel4pay

“Well done, engaging and, as an ardent anti-hydrofracker, I like the ecological bit, too.” Linda R.

“This great story by Katy Brandes kept me riveted and left me a bit haunted.” Ann S.

“Definitely recommend the novella and loved reading it on my Kindle.” Rhonda F.

“Was not prepared for it to end.” Mary L.

Tests of Will is also available on Amazon.

Alice Kennedy’s transition to college is rife with challenges — reaching outside her comfort zone, meeting new people, and urging other young women to acknowledge their own feminism. But she wasn’t ready for the ultimate challenge of her life.

“You’ll never walk alone.”

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